Back in the 80’s DC Comics did the unthinkable. They killed a sidekick, and not just any sidekick. Jason Todd, who became the second person to don the Robin tights fell into a trap. Joker nearly beat the life out of him, but then let the exploding building do the rest. Only they didn’t do it. We did! In an unprecedented move, DC left the fate of Jason Todd in the hands of the public. We voted his fate into existence. Are you ready to kill him again? The Death in the Family DVD will allow you to chose his fate once more.

Death in the Family DVD: The Choice Is Yours

DC is turning Death in the Family into a Choose Your Own Adventure style DVD where you get to pick the fate of the characters and the direction of the story. Check out the trailer below:

Live or die man?

The only other show to attempt this was when Netflix launched its show – Black Mirror. Your choices will determine Todd’s fate once more. It looks as if the story will go further and follow Todd as he becomes a reckless vigilante by the name Red Hood.

Death in the Family DVD: A New Wave of Movies?

If successful, this could launch a whole new way for companies, as well as DC, to release DVD’s and streaming movies. While DC may struggle with live action movies being well received, their efforts in the cartoon market have been exceptional. If this release succeeds, we could see a wave of old stories re-released.

The Blu-Ray and digital releases are due out this fall. It will feature 5 shorts as well as the Death in the Family story. Bruce Greenwood , Vincent Martella, and John DiMaggio return to voice Batman, young Jason Todd and The Joker, respectively. Other featured voices are Zehra Fazal as Talia al Ghul and Gary Cole as Two-Face and James Gordon.”