What do you get when a monkey and the ghost of an assassin team-up: Marvel’s Hit-Monkey. Yes, it’s a bad pun. No, I’m serious. Check out the trailer from Hulu below if you don’t believe me:

No one questions the monkey when he’s got sunglasses on.

Hulu is proud to introduce us to Marvel’s Hit-Monkey with the official trailer above. Along with that bloody trailer, we also get a release date for this adult animated series. Apparently, we will see Hit-Monkey in action guns a-blazing and swords a-swinging on November 17, 2021. Oh, and this is a Hulu Original series, so it’s also a Hulu exclusive. If you want to watch this series, you’re going to have to pay up for a Hulu subscription. Fortunately, they semi-frequently give out discounts, so you might not have long to wait.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey: Details

Marvel's Hit-Monkey horizontal key art.
This is like Monkey Island, but played seriously. Well, semi-seriously.

So what exactly is Marvel’s Hit-Monkey about? Well, this 10-episode adult animated series created by Will Speck and Josh Gordon is the story of a monkey. Specifically: a Japanese macaque. Only, this macaque wants bloody vengeance for the murder of his entire troop, and he’s got the ghost of a famed assassin to help him do it. The official synopsis from Hulu gives us a bit more details:

“After a Japanese snow monkey’s tribe is slaughtered, he joins forces with the ghost of an American assassin and together, they begin killing their way through the Yakuza underworld.”

Hulu also has a case for us for Marvel’s Hit-Monkey. Apparently, the series will star George Takei, Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Munn, Ally Maki, Nobi Nakanishi, and Fred Tatasciore. Unfortunately, they don’t tell us who plays who here. We’ll just have to find out when this series airs on Hulu.


Hulu is officially announcing Marvel‘s Hit-Monkey with an official trailer. We also get bits of story and cast from Hulu, but the most important bit is the release date. We’ll see this modern monkey assassin and his ghostly partner in action on November 17, 2021. If you want to see how many heads an animated monkey can make fall down and break, check it out on Hulu then.

Source: Hulu YouTube