Halo: Infinite

Starting off swinging, Microsoft gave us the first extended look at Halo: Infinite. Those teasers over the past couple days were simply the building of Master Chief’s Mjlonir 117 armor. The latest trailer continues with Master Chief and an unknown pilot, hundreds of days after “we lost”. They’re shot down and get into an argument about fighting. Master Chief tells the pilot to wait in the ship, until he destroys the anti-aircraft cannons.

It seamlessly changes to a full on demo of the game that looks eerily similar to the first level of Halo: Combat Evolved. So far it’s got everything you want out of Halo. Warthogs, the assault rifle, Grunts, and more. The game itself looks absolutely phenomenal. With smooth animations, great sound design, and that classic Halo look and feel. Obviously, we won’t know exactly how it feels until we get our hands on it, but the hallmarks of Halo are there.

Later in the level you’re taken up an elevator after defeating some more Covenant baddies. We’re seeing multiple new styles on weapons, including a revolver, a new looking shotgun that has some serious punch called the Bulldog, and some other guns that look very fun to use.

The Banished Make Their Return In Halo: Infinite

The Banished make their big return and grand plan known to Master Chief in this demo. Humanity is on the brink of destruction, and they’re going to be the cause of it. The Banished’s leader sets a call to action for Master Chief at the end of the demo, telling him to “bear his fangs” and that’s it. What a demo from 343 Industries and Halo: Infinite. The game looks to be more of an open world than previous Halo games.

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