Before SDCC@Home even starts ORION Pictures give us a brand new and most excellent trailer and a poster for Bill & Ted Face the Music

Now we’re getting a better idea where this is going

Getting a better idea of the story

After the first trailer, we tried to get a sense of the story. This one really helps to develop the fact that no one has believed the Stallyns for all this time. We are now seeing the new members of the cast in their roles and franchise veteran actors reprise their roles, which is most bodacious!

2 Stories of 2 teams of Time Travelers in Face the Music

Seems to me this story is definitely going to have an A and B story. A being that of Bill and Ted finding the song that unites the world and of their daughters finding the band to play it. HOW they are going to converge in Hell it a whole different thing.

Bill and Ted head off to meet what seems to be 2 different versions of themselves one a most excellent groovy dynamic duo of Rock GODS, the other degenerate rock crushing inmates. does that mean they are going to pull a “1985B” and go thru potential timelines? Who knows!

At the same time, Wilhelmina Billie “Little Bill” Logan ( and Thea “Little Ted” Preston. Somehow get ahold of the original phonebooth and start to recruit famous musicians from history, Mozart for example. So as the Dads go forward the teens go back! very full circle!

But how can we watch this excellent adventure during these bogus times?

With the release date of September 1st, you get to watch and ROCK from the comfort of your own home! I think this is a smart business move. Disney and Warner have opted to delay opening films like Mulan and Tenet. Whereas this being a very cult film should have the at-home release with the potential to hit theaters once they open back up is a smart move!

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