Let’s get straight to the point: the future for DC Universe is not looking bright. At least as an independent platform, anyway.

The DC-Comics branded streaming service launched back in September of 2018, making it just under two years old. But instead of growing and expanding from its initial launch, the service keeps shrinking.

DC Universe's Doom Patrol cast

DC Universe branded itself as both a streaming service and an online community for long-time comic fans. DC Universe acts as the streaming home to fan-favorite series like Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and John Wesley Shipp’s The Flash, plus films like Superman: The Movie. In addition, the service launched several original series which were applauded by critics and fans alike, including Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn. The platform also allows subscribers to read digital comic books.

However, DC Universe’s unique brand has been diluted with the recent launch of HBO Max. The WarnerMedia-owned streamer also provides DC content, including titles available on DC Universe.

Here’s why HBO Max probably means the end for DC Universe.

DC Universe: The Warning Signs

1. Original content has dropped off…and moved to other platforms.

People may subscribe to a streaming service so they can watch their old favorites, but new content makes them stick around. After Stargirl, DC Universe hasn’t announced any new original content. Even worse, almost all of its original series are no longer exclusive to the platform. Stargirl and Swamp Thing went to the CW. Doom Coalition and Harley Quinn will also stream on…you guessed it: HBO Max. Only Titans remains as a DC Universe exclusive.

DC Universe's Titans

2. The platform offered subscribers a discounted HBO Max subscription.

Last month DC Universe offered subscribers an exclusive discount on HBO Max. They could add the new streamer for only $4.99/month. The offer shaved $10 off HBO Max’s ticket price, so it was certainly an appealing deal. However, the offer seems to indicate DC Universe’s interest in transitioning its fan base over to HBO Max.

3. You can’t get a yearly subscription to DC Universe anymore.

Perhaps the most subtle and yet damning evidence is that DC Universe quietly removed the yearly subscription option from its site. Now, only the $7.99/month option can be purchased. It’s hard to imagine this change taking place for any reason other than the platform not being available long term.

Do you think DC Universe has a future, or will it simply become part of HBO Max?

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