The Sifans stir
A new Path

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #9 hits comic store shelves today.  This issue is titled ‘The Journey into the Mondo Levidian’.  It begins a four-issue story arc that will close out this run of 12 comics.  Sometimes when doing a series, some issues become filler issues.  In the movie world this would be called exposition.  It is a part of the story where the teller needs to pass on vital information about what is happening and what is to come.  This issue, however, is not that.  This issue might also be titled living in Shadows.

Living In Shadows: The Next Generation

Dark Crystal Issue #9 focuses exclusively on Mayrin, who recently took over the title and duties of All-Maudra after her mother.  It opens with Mayrin attempting to fly a very dangerous course her mother flew with ease.  She fails terribly.  Upon returning to the Throne room, she finds it decorated extravagantly – the way mom liked it.  She of course hates it.  The daily court assembles and again, Mayrin has her mother thrown in her face time and time again. 

With all things she fails because she is not her mother.  She is a child in the eyes of others, and she does not yet hold the respect her mother held.  How does a young gelfling with nearly no record, measure up and produce results the way her seasoned mother did? The world must look so impossible when living in such a shadow, and this is what Mayrin struggles with this entire issue.

Living In Shadows:  The Revolting Revolt

Sifan Problem emerges
The unrest begins

The Sifans have always been looked down upon by the other Gelfling as they are a mix from the other tribes that have abandoned that way of life for the sea.  They are a restless clan, and barely held in check by Mayrin’s mother.  The Sifans remained on of the United Seven Clans of Gelfling.

But never to the Sifan’s liking.  They always pulled at the collar placed on them, and now with a new All-Maudra, a young All-Maudra, the Sifans finally felt the pull of freedom.  They see no way Mayrin can force the Sifans to stay chained to the other clans.  Their leader, Fenth, has begun a push for just that.

Living in Shadows: A New Perspective

Mayrin takes on a daring plan to confront Fenth and the Sifans.  The best thing about a new leader is the new blood and a new perspective that could change the status-quo.  Mayrin is most definitely NOT her mother, but that is something she needs to learn as a good thing.  Where her mother failed, perhaps she could produce better results.  Can Mayrin see a path to unity her mother could not?  Or will the Gelfling Coalition faintly fall apart under her rule.

This issue and this story arc begin this very quest.  If Mayrin is to discover the path to true unity, she will need to discover her own true identity first. Check out the latest from BOOMStudios!