Backstory for Anakin Skywalker; international Star Wars poster

If you thought the Star Wars news in 2020 was weird, well check this rumor out. According to LRM Online, Hayden Christensen is set to return to the role of Anakin Skywalker in the Obi-Wan Disney+ show.

This is of course, a rumor at the moment. Until we see the show or something is confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm, it’s going to stay a rumor. That Hashtag Show also reported on a similar rumor about a cameo appearance awhile ago. According to the original source, this was set to be a big announcement for Star Wars Celebration 2020. It was canned at the last minute due to the cancellation of that event.

Also according to their source, the role is going to be more than just a cameo. The Obi-Wan show is still in pre-production. This news could change, or it could just be wishful thinking. Hopefully it means that Hayden Christensen can return to the franchise that made him a star.

Christensen returning to Star Wars makes sense for a variety of reasons. Obi-Wan could still be wrecked by the trauma of having to fight his best friend during the show. In addition to that, Obi-Wan’s mental state is likely to be fractured after the loss of the Jedi Order. People love The Clone Wars because of the relationships that were built and added on in the show. It would also give Hayden some closure on his role in the Star Wars universe.

Closure For Hayden Christensen And Anakin

The prequels were derided due to a lot of reasons. Nowadays, people can see them for more than just George Lucas’s poor directing and writing. Hayden Christensen was a casualty of both of these things. So for him to get a chance to put this character to bed would be great. He also could use a stepping point off for the rest of his career. With his career post-Star Wars having slowed down. It would be the perfect redemption story for the actor and possibly Anakin. Finally, seeing the two actors that basically grew up together in the prequel trilogy, on screen again, would be delightful.

So Lucasfilm and Disney, make this happen!

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Source: LRM Online