The Showtime comedy starring Jim Carrey, Kidding will not be coming back for a third season. 

The unfortunate cancellation comes after the show’s two-season run. The second season finished earlier this year in March, with a 54,000 same day viewership. The season finale left things potentially open to continue the story into another season, but also wrapped the main conflicts of the show. 

All Good Things Must Come to an End

In a statement, Showtime said, “After two seasons, Kidding has concluded its run on Showtime. We are very proud to have aired this imaginative, critically and rewarding series, and we would like to thank Jim Carrey, Dave Holstein, Michael Aguilar, Michel Gondry, and the entire cast and crew for their brilliant and tireless work.” 

The dramedy series served as a return to form for Jim Carrey after a nearly 30 year absence from being on television. Michel Gondry, who also worked with Carrey on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind collaborated again on Kidding. The series gave Carrey the opportunity to reintroduce himself to the world of entertainment walking the line between making audiences laugh and cry. 

Perfect Balance of Joy and Sadness

Kidding follows the life of Jeff, also known as Mr. Pickles, a beloved children’s show host dealing with the hardships of life. His world becomes hazy as the puppets and colorful television sets Jeff interacts with have become an essential escapism from his reality. Refusing to give in, Mr. Pickles puts on a face and fights through the pain in any necessary means possible. Though there are hilarious moments that are bright and colorful, the underlying tragedy generates more sad tears than happy ones.

As of now, Jim Carrey has no other upcoming projects. But he will most likely continue to show off his politically and socially charged paintings on Twitter. 

Are you sad about the cancellation of Kidding? What would you have wanted to see from a third season? Let us know. 

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Source: Hollywood Reporter