Earlier this week, Netflix dropped the first full trailer for their upcoming series Cursed. Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler created this new take on the Arthurian legend that drops soon. Take a look at the trailer below:

Cursed Trailer: From the Minds of Legends

Katherine Langford (Knives Out, 13 Reasons Why) stars as Nimue, an apparent druid or magic wielder who must take Excalibur to Merlin. In the process she ends up wielding it against the Red Paladins who attempt to wipe out magic and her people, but this is not the Excalibur we know – yet. It is cursed and to wield it demands a heavy price.

Tom Wheeler wrote the original graphic novel with Frank Miller. Does Frank Miller sound familiar? It should. Miller created the two legendary stories – Sin City and Dark Knight Returns. If that is not one hell of a powerful duo I do not know what is.

Cursed Trailer: Before the Stone

King Arthur has been done a thousand ways a thousand different times. Of of the most recent, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Charlie Hunnam, did not fair well at the box office. I loved the imagination, action and imagery of it, but apparently others did not.

So why will Cursed be any different? First off, this story comes before Arthur. The synopsis even says she needs go get the sword to Merlin for a certain reason. Also, in the trailer you can hear Nimue call one of her friends by his name – Arthur, so this will be newer territory. Also Nimue is no ordinary girl. She has a destiny about her, and while i will not spoil that destiny for those that do not know the story, it is briefly and subtly shown in the trailer. In fact Nimue is told “You are not some fragile maid.”

Cursed Trailer: A Series of Power

Nimue and a Red Paladin from the trailer
Cursed: Fight to Survive

This trailer looked amazing. It showcased solid visual effects and fighting. We know magic will be involved, which looked great, but the trailer also showcased various fey as well. Magical creatures will be present also and running through the story. The fighting also looked very good from what they showed. Nothing kills the feel of a series more than when the characters come out fighting and it looks like five year olds swinging sticks on the playground.

Katherine Langford looks incredible as the lead, Nimue. She possesses the moves for fighting as well as the talent for acting. Her recent performance in Knives Out bolstered her emerging career. Peter Mullan also stars as one of the lead Red Paladins. Mullan starred in such movies as Westworld, Mowgli, Hercules, and more, but I will always remember his face as the outspoken peasant on the battlefield in Braveheart.

Between the writing talent, the visuals and the actors, this series, starting with 10 episodes, cannot help but be amazing. It will drop on Netflix on July 17th.