Netflix’s Tiger King has swept the world and taken it on a journey filled with murder, tigers, and Joe Exotic. The title character with which the Netflix docuseries was based upon, is getting a scripted show from CBS. The entertainment world has been debating who would portray Joe Exotic in some entertainment venture. We now have the answer to that question thanks to Variety. Acclaimed and sometimes maligned actor, Nicolas Cage, will be playing the eccentric Tiger King.

As for the show, it’ll be an eight episode venture from CBS Television Studios and Imagine Television. Now the show won’t be based on the Netflix docuseries. But instead on the original article displaying the debauchery and intrigue of Joe Exotic. “Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild,” by Leif Reigstad was originally published in Texas Monthly. It’ll be based around how Joe Exotic came to be from the original man, Joe Schreibvogel.

Another Tiger King Show

It’s not the first time we’re seeing a scripted series based on the life of Joe Exotic though. Kate McKinnon is attached to another project as a star and executive producer as the title Tiger King. Universal is on that project. It remains to be seen how the two titans of entertainment will handle having two shows based on the same character running concurrently. That project hasn’t gotten too far off the ground though. It’s still looking for a writer.

Nicolas Cage Makes His Way To Television

After starring in some great, not so great, and hilariously bad movies over the years, Nicolas Cage has never actually been on a TV show. It’s surprising to think about, but this will be his first show. For the veteran actor it could be a breath of fresh air to a career that’s marked with a spotty filmography. The Oscar nominated and winning actor will look to change his fortunes with the television sphere. So, I for one, hope he does great in it. Even with all the bad choices in scripts and films he’s done. The one thing that remains is that Cage brings it to everything he does. He puts his all into every project. Portraying the Tiger King is just the next step for the actor.

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Source: Variety