Leading comic book auteur Todd McFarlane is launching his first ever Kickstarter campaign with Spawn Masterworks. A special collector’s edition of the first ever Spawn comic and action figure.

What’s Going On?

Todd McFarlane is a modern day pop renaissance man. He is known to many as a leading comic book writer and artist. Responsible for the creation of many iconic comic book characters. Chief among which is his own original creation Spawn for Image Comics. McFarlane is also known for a thriving social media presence and a smart head for business. But McFarlane is also the founder of McFarlane Toys, a label specializing in collectable action figures. The brand originally started with superhero figures before branching into movie tie-ins and even originals.

With this campaign McFarlane is combining both of his areas of expertise into one. What McFarlane is doing is going back to original collectors edition Spawn figure from 1995, which launched McFarlane Toys, and is doing a ‘digital remaster’ as McFarlane describes it. The packaging will be the same and it will include a copy of the first ever issue of Spawn. But the figure itself will be more detailed, with higher points of articulation, and better quality overall then the original 1995 figure. There will also be a new cover for the comic and other little details.

The Future For McFarlane

If this would be a success, then they could go back and remaster other Spawn figures and comics. First would be similar remasterings of all the original 9 Spawn figures, Violator, The Clown, Medieval Spawn, etc etc. If this was a success then he would continue with remasterings of even more of the original McFarlane Toys lines. Redone better quality versions of the original figures but in better packaging.

McFarlane Toys

Excited Yet?

The Kickstarter for Spawn Masterworks is now live. The project has a $100,000 goal and 29 days to go. Rewards for backers come in four tiers, a classic version of the figure, a modern version of the figure, a black and white version called the Artist Proof and a three pack bundle which will include all three versions of the figure with multiple additional heads. Go to the link above to support the project. This is McFarlane’s first KickStarter and if this is a success who knows what other projects he might bring to the platform in future?