In a surprising turn of events, Sony Interactive Entertainment has delayed one of the most anticipated PS4 games and an upcoming PSVR game. Announced on the official PlayStation Twitter, Sony Interactive Entertainment tweeted this:

Now, this is surprising because Iron Man VR was set to be released on May 15th, while The Last Of Us Part 2 was going to be released on May 29th. So delaying both of these games right now is actually a good thing. Sony has done something hard, but necessary with this decision.

Naughty Dog, the developers of the Uncharted and Last Of Us video games released their own statement about this:

What About Sony And The PS5?

The Last Of Us Part 2 was originally going to be released on February 21st. Naughty Dog then announced the released date would be moved to May 29th, so that they could finish up the game.

Meanwhile, Seattle based game developer Camouflaj will be having their PSVR game delayed until further notice as well. With these delays, no new release dates were announced yet for these games. However, if after this global pandemic ends, it’s going to be very unclear when these games will release.

If anything Fall 2020 would be an optimal time to have Last Of Us Part II and Iron Man VR release. Next to titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel’s Avengers, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Sony Interactive Entertainment to consider.

Another option for Sony Interactive Entertainment to do; is wait for the PlayStation 5 to release, and market both games as cross-generation titles. It would get more people to get the games. This will give people time to upgrade to the PS5 also. While others will be getting the PS4 versions as well.

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