No Time To Die

The impact of the coronavirus is being felt all over the entertainment industry. It’s had a sweeping effect including cancellations of premieres, to people having to work from home. The most recent effect is on James Bond. No Time to Die was slated for a release on April 10th. Now it’ll be pushed back to November 25th. The weekend before Thanksgiving.

This is a decision I’m sure that wasn’t made lightly. The promotional material for the film looked awesome. It seems like it’s a better decision for the film right now though. The team at MGM and Universal probably had a hard decision to make on this one. The Bond franchise is one that’s humongous in Hollywood and around the world. It’s not a decision made because of the quality of the film, it’s an economic one.

Moviegoers shouldn’t panic about this though. COVID-19 might be causing changes to release schedules and events around the world, remember to do the same practices you would during a normal flu season. Hand-washing and staying home when you’re sick. This could lead to other studios moving their film around. It could also be a sign that this April weekend is up for grabs now. A huge Bond sized hole isn’t there any longer.

Is This Smart for No Time To Die?

Overall, this is a smart decision by the studio. They saw an issue that could crop up, and they’re rectifying it. No Time To Die is the final Bond film starring Daniel Craig. It also stars Rami Malek, Lea Seydoux, Ana de Armas, and Lashana Lynch. I was really looking forward to No Time To Die, especially after the huge success of Spectre. We’ll just have to wait and see when November rolls around.

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Source: Deadline