Just last week we got our first glimpse of Robert Pattinson in the batsuit. Now, courtesy of Twitter user Robert Pattinson Online, we get to see the entire costume in all its glory. Check it out in the photos and tweet below!


When Matt Reeves cast Pattinson for The Batman, many outside of Hollywood shook their heads. Pattison will, unfortunately for the talented actor, forever be linked to the Twilight series of films. Those willing to expand their cinematic horizons, however, know that the actor is full of far more talent than what he could display as a sparkly vampire. (Look to the films The Lighthouse or High Life, for example. The likelihood is that Pattinson will present as good-if-not-better a Batman than Afflec and some of their other predecessors. He certainly seems to fill the batsuit out well.

New images of Robert Pattinson’s batsuit


This version of the batsuit certainly seems… darker. It’s almost devoid of any hint of color. There’s not even the shiny glint of the utility belt. That, combined with the overall look of the suit makes is appear in some ways sinister. Perhaps that’s what Batman needs these days. As much as Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight was dark, the Ben Afflec version that followed was decidedly less so. Perhaps Afflec’s fame and notoriety overshadowed the character he played.

Between the test footage and now these new images, Matt Reeves is certainly drawing a lot of attention to the upcoming DC film. Following the lackluster box-office draw for Birds of Prey (although fans generally liked the film), DC really needs a cinematic hit. This could very well be it. If Reeves puts as much attention into the film as he did the batsuit, he could be on to something.

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