With the New York Toy Fair only a few days away many Star Wars fans will have their eyes on Hasbro to see what is next for their collections. Yeah we already know that The Child should be hitting stores in May but what else does Hasbro have up their sleeves? Well a few sources have reported today that there will be some surprises heading our way. From ships to carbonized figures it looks like we do have some things to look forward to.

Toy Fair New York

Hasbro Carbonized Figures

After the hype of the last Carbonized Black Series wave why not do it again right? Well, according to a report from yakface.com Hasbro is going to do just that. Yakface said after some research they have uncovered that we will be seeing a Carbonized Boba Fett and Stormtrooper heading our way. Also with Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back celebrating it’s 40th anniversary this year those figures would make sense. The main question would be will they be exclusive, and if there are where will they be sold at?


Everyone loves ships

The next two items are very exciting. It seems like Hasbro may be giving us something new and old. The first item rumored is a Deluxe Snowspeeder with exclusive Dak Ralter figure. Reports are saying that this Deluxe ship will retail for $119.99

Dak in Speeder

If that wasn’t enough for you it looks like we may also be seeing a release of a old fan favorite, the Vintage Collection Slave 1. Again according to Yakface.com a Nebraska specialty retailer leaked that this is coming and will have a retail price of $139.99. I have included the post below.

Hasbro Slave 1 leak

We want to hear from you

So again please remember these are all rumors as of now. But how exciting would it be if this and more are heading our way this year. Then of course the next question will be will we ever see these items in stock? But that is a different story all together.

Are you excited about these possible releases from Hasbro? What other items would you like to see them announce? Well, we want to hear from you.

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Source: Yakface.com