The newest version Of Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is out! Version 2.0 brings a lot of new updates for the game, as well. You can check out the list of updates from the manufacturer below. They include:

  • Crossplay & Cross-progression among PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC
  • POWER RANGERS: Battle for the Grid enables crossplay among Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. Players across all gaming platforms can battle against each other in Ranked, Casual, Direct or Lobby Matches.
  • Online Lobbies allows up to eight players to join together in friendly matches. Participants can battle in up to four different matches at a time or spectate on a match and be the next player up.
  • Challenge Your Friends in Direct Match & Online Lobbies
  • These new features make Battle for the Grid more social.
  • Likewise, Direct Match lets friends or any two specific players match up against each other.

New Battle for the Grid Features enhance the old

These new features join and enhance the current features of Battle for the Grid. Those, of course, include:

  • Eighteen Rangers & Villains across Generations
  • Twelve starting warriors, including Jason Lee Scott, Tommy Oliver, Gia Moran, Ranger Slayer, Magna Defender, Kat Manx, Mastodon Sentry, Goldar, Lord Drakkon, Cenozoic Blue Ranger, Udonna and Dragon Armor Trini.
  • Battle for the Grid Season 1 Pass, which is bundled with the Collector’s Edition, comes with 3 additional warriors, including Trey of Triforia, Jen Scotts, and Lord Zedd.
  • Season 2 Pass contains three new warriors, including Doggie “Anubis” Cruger, Eric Myers, and Dai Shi.
  • Nine Arenas across iconic locations
  • 4 Megazords (Ultras)
  • Summon Megazords and monsters, such as Dino Megazord, Dragonzord, Mega Goldar, or Delta Squad Megazord, to stage epic comebacks.
  • Original Story: A Reimagining of the Shattered Grid Event
  • Story Mode’s narrative is written and voice-directed by writer/director Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin POWER RANGERS: Shattered Grid, Nightwing, Batman: Gates of Gotham).
  • Voiceovers by Original Cast
Battle for the grid

Battle for the Grid is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for $19.99. And if you haven’t checked game the game out yet and you’re a Power Rangers fan, you should get this game.