Last year, Renegade Games Studios launched their Power Rangers themed board game, Heroes Of The Grid. It got fully funded, and all of the Kickstarter exclusives were unlocked. At last year’s Gen Con and Power Morphicon, the figures got shown off.

Now that the game got shipped out to all of the backers of the Kickstarter last month, more content is coming to the game. The base game was already exciting enough, now with this new content, it’ll surely put it over the top.

What’s Coming With Heroes of the Grid

So the next phase of the game is launching this Tuesday, September 17th. The Kickstarter is going to be including the Zeo team, and a couple of surprises. And from this awesome artwork, it looks like we could be getting an evil version of the Black Dino Thunder Ranger.

No other details have been announced at this time. This Tuesday, we will find out what Renegade and Heroes of the Grid has in store for Power Rangers fans. Make sure to check the Kickstarter for more news and we’ll have a update on the board game as well.

Fans have been excited about this for a long time. The board game was a success on multiple levels. What do you think about Heroes of the Grid? Is it one of your favorite Power Rangers themed games? What other Power Rangers characters and Rangers do you think could make it into the game?

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