Well, if you didn’t notice, Saturday Night Live had Adam Driver hosting the show last Saturday. And again Driver knocked it out of the park with his Undercover Boss skit. Driver first did this Undercover Boss skit as Kylo Ren dress up as Radar Technician Matt four years ago. Well, this time he reprises his role of Kylo Ren but now is disguised as Intern Randy. And Some could say it went a little better this time around.

Saturday Night Live and Star Wars

After I got done watching this great skit it really got me thinking. Saturday Night Live has done a lot with Star Wars so what would be my top five skits? So after a lot of painful research (from laughing so hard) here is my Top 5 Saturday Night Live Star Wars Skits.

5. Mos Eisley 5

4. Shopping at Home Network: Mark Hamill for Sale

3. Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now

So far these three clips have been great but go to page 2 and see what I picked for my top 2 Saturday Night Live Skits. Trust me you wont want to take them out of the box.