Nothing lasts forever. Well a comic title might. As the core titles have been going for nearly 100 years now, but the creative teams sadly come and go. We hate to lose favorite teams, but occasionally the changes are for the better. DC’s power team is about to undergo such a change. Starting with issue #40, The Justice League will bring on a new team and take the title in a whole new direction. Here is what DC had to say:

We’re only a few weeks out from launching a new run on DC’s premier team book, Justice League, by writer Rob Venditti and Doug Mahnke! They’re kicking off their lead story, “Invasion of the Supermen,” along with all of Bryan Hitch’s covers for this first arc (Justice League #40 – #43). Justice League #40 hits shelves on Feb 5th.

A new era of Justice League starts with an unexpected arrival from the stars, bringing a dire warning: a new breed of conquerors is on the march. Led by Superman’s nemesis Eradicator, a genetically engineered, super-powered strike team has come to subjugate Earth.

Why Justice League Is Still Important

Justice League is DC’s premier team book,” says writer Rob Venditti, “and we’ll be focusing on exactly that: Team. Teams are powerful, but they’re also messy. Everyone isn’t always on the same page with the same ideas about what’s best for the group. Even more so when the team is made up of the most accomplished superheroes in the world, and they’re tackling world-ending crises. The threats that the Justice League faces will pull from the mythologies of the individual characters and test the team as never before. Both outside and within.”

To aid the Justice League, Batman makes the unprecedented decision of enlisting an ancient, unrivaled power—which calls into question who, exactly, is in charge. With the League on unsure footing, will they be ready to save the world?

“Working with Doug Mahnke is a dream,” continues Venditti. “He’s one of those top-level artists that I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to work with, much less on a book as big as Justice League. His body of work proves that he’s an absolute master of these characters. I couldn’t be more excited.”

When Can You Read It?

Writer Rob Venditti and artists Doug Mahnke, Richard Friend and David Barron join Justice League to launch “Invasion of the Supermen” on February 5th!

Time for the team to receive a wake up call. DC should take some risks with this new JL. This could be a very fun ride! Here are some images from the new JL series:

Looks like Eradicator will be a hand full for the team. In the last picture it seems Diana wants to take justice a bi farther than everyone else. Would not be the first time. The new JL comic kicks off with Justice League #40 on Feb 5th. Here is a bonus of covers #44 and #45!