Story Synopsis: Over My Dead Body

A reformed killer gets a second chance in life, but he must infiltrate a dangerous terrorist organization.  Find out if he can keep his cover while also keeping his promise to not kill again in Over My Dead Body.

Markham was a well known contract killer.  However, a few years ago he was shot and died for a short time.  While dead he saw hell and it terrified him. Markham decided he would never kill again and he would save a life for every life he took.

Comic Over My Dead Body

The parole board didn’t buy his reformed act and denied his parole request.  However, the warden liked Markham and had some influence. A deal was struck, if Markham agreed to rescue the warden’s daughter from a released prisoner the warden would make sure Markham’s parole was approved.

Markham infiltrated a white supremacist terrorist organization to save the warden’s daughter.  The organization turned out to be very dangerous and even the FBI wanted Markham to stop what they were planning.

Over My Dead Body Is High Risk

I saw an opportunity to read a crime noir comic and I jumped at the chance.  However, the comic ended up being light on noir and heavy on crime. It is still my kind of story.  I mean who doesn’t love a good redemption story?

The volume started out very well and threw the reader right in the thick of it.  I appreciated not a lot of set-up and just show me the risk and the drama.  

Markham’s first like hour on the white supremacist compound his no kill rule was tested.  However, this was far from the last time it would be tested. At every turn Markham’s cover was almost blown, but he was just barely able to maintain it.  Throughout the volume I was on the edge of my seat and it was high drama and high stakes.

Comic Over My Dead Body

We’ll Wrap The Story Up Cleanly Over My Dead Body

The entire volume was fast paced, but never too fast and was never so fast it was confusing.  However, that is until the last issue. There was a lot going on and I was looking forward to the loose ends being wrapped up, but it did it too quickly.

It seemed like the volume rushed to wrap up the entire story in the last issue.  The conclusion hurt the story as a whole because it was unsatisfying. I was enjoying the story a lot up until the last issue.  There was a lot of build up and then the bomb went off before I was anywhere close to being ready for it.

Why Would You Have A Big Entrance For Someone We Never See Again?

Another problem was the way the characters were introduced.  A few of the characters had a pretty big and really cool introduction, but then we never see them again.  I don’t understand why they have such a big introduction if they end up being such unimportant characters.  However, I found out after I finished reading the volume is part of a continuing story with two previous volumes.  It is possible that these characters are important in those volumes and their appearance is for fan service.

I liked this volume a lot and was really enjoying it right up until the end.  If the volume had an extra two issues and wrapped up the story gradually this could have been a perfect comic.



Written by: Jay Faerber

Art by: Gigi Baldassini, Simone Guglielmini and Ron Riley

Cover by: Jacob Phillips

Release: 1/15/20

Publisher: Image Comics

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