For those that have been paying attention to WWE’s programming, Matt Hardy is sort of, nowhere to be found. Sort of, you ask? Well his WWE contract ends in March. So what WWE usually does with someone of his stature? They usually end up trying to push them to the top part of the card. They did it with Dean Ambrose, they did it with Randy Orton, and they did it with the Revival. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

In Matt Hardy’s case, they’re relegating him to Main Event, and jobber duty. For a Supertstar of Hardy’s caliber, one would think WWE would want to keep him around and treat him right. Everyone remembers Hardy’s Wrestlemania comeback in Orlando. It’s a classic moment from that Mania show. The Hardy’s made their comeback to a thunderous applause from the Orlando crowd, and won the Tag Team titles.

That situation is about to change. Apparently. PWInsider is reporting that Hardy’s WWE contract is running out in March, and that WWE has denied his request to revert to his “Broken” Matt Hardy character.

What This Means For Matt Hardy

“Woken” Matt Hardy was a failure in WWE. This character worked for a bit when he was brought in, but of course the heat from the crowd wore off. His feud with Bray Wyatt did him no favors. The magic from that TNA run with the Broken character wasn’t there.

So where does Hardy go once March arrives, and he inevitably doesn’t re-up his contract? He’ll for sure be a hot commodity in the free agent market. The real question is where he ends up. There’s also another rumor from the Wrestling News Observer. Hardy is being brought in to AEW to be the leader of the Dark Order.

It would make sense for AEW to poach a superstar like Hardy. Hardy is still a big star and his Broken character and universe would be a big get for the upstart wrestling promotion. The proof of this is in a couple teases from AEW. “Wonderful” was uttered by the unknown leader. In addition, they’re teasing that the leader is an “exalted one”. That is a title for Hardy‘s character.

In wrestling, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Hardy is worth way more than what the WWE is viewing him. We’ll see where he ends up in the coming month.

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