So, after my 5th showing of STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker it really hit me hard… the Story that has been a huge part of my life is over. What a ride it was, it is hard to believe the Skywalker Saga is done. Now I know people will look at this title and pass it over. Hell, I’m sure there will be a lot of comments on how stupid I am and how can I even say that about the last three movies. For the people that do read this you will see that I am talking about all that is Star Wars and what it has meant to me.

great star wars movie; The Empire Strikes Back

Growing up with Star Wars

Wow, it still feels like it was yesterday, sitting around the Christmas Tree and opening my presents. I still can remember when I ripped opened my brand-new Rancor and could not wait to play with it. It was great, I could be anyone in the movies with my Star Wars Figures. I could even make up new things like Boba Fett being the hero, or even have Jabba the Hutt trapping my G.I. Joes, and Luke would come and save them. Yeah, I did some pretty cool crossovers back in my day. But none of this imagination would of been there if it wasn’t for the Star Wars movies.

Star Wars Toys

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

It is so hard to explain the feeling I got and still get when I see that opening crawl go across the screen. It just made me forget the world around me and took me on an adventure that was, well… out of this world. And for a while I thought the Original Trilogy was all we were going to ever get. I can’t tell you how many times I had to replace my Star Wars VCR tapes put it was a lot. So, after watching Luke blow up the Death Star, Han being frozen in carbonite, and some mean looking teddy bears kill some Stormtroopers a million times; something amazing happened in 1999. We got more Star Wars movies!

Star Wars

Star Wars Prequals

So, 1999 what a year. We were rocking to Millennium by the Backstreet Boys, making our computers sick by using Napster, and got a new Star Wars movie. I mean how cool was it, we were getting a new trilogy that not only gave us the story on how Darth Vader was created (sorry for the spoiler). but it also got people talking about Star Wars again. I loved the prequels and yes even Jar Jar Binks. For one they gave us more movies and to me that is never a bad thing. But it also gave me so much more.  It gave me enjoyment and took me back to my childhood just like it did for many fans. But there was something else Star Wars gave me that I wouldn’t realize until 2012.

Jar Jar

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