I’m sure I got your attention with that title. Some of you are already commenting without reading this, but that’s OK. Star Wars throughout the ages has always given us those fun and memorable characters that people talk about forever. From Jar Jar Binks and Ewoks to Porgs and Droids; there is always going to be at least one character in a movie that wins the hearts of fans all over the Galaxy. When The Mandalorian came out on Disney+ in November, it wasn’t any different. We got The Child, aka Baby Yoda. Well, just when you thought there was nothing that could give Baby Yoda a run for his money, J.J. Abrams said “hold my beer”. With the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Abrams gave Baby Yoda some competition with a tiny little alien named Babu Frik.

Warning: Minor Spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker ahead.

Babu Frik

Babu Frik, You’re Our Only Hope

We run into this little Anzellan droid-smith on the planet of Kijimi. While there is little told about Babu Frik, but we quickly learn he is very good at retrieving information and reprogramming droids as he is working on C-3PO. While he spoke mainly in his native Anzellan language there were a few words we could understand. But it was because of his body language and expressions Babu won over the fans in the theater. Even though we only get Babu in a couple scenes he does have a big impact on the outcome of the movie.

Baby Yoda Vs. Babu Frik

OK so yeah Baby Yoda could probably kick Babu Frik’s as… I mean butt in a fight. It wouldn’t be fair though, Baby Yoda isn’t even a baby he’s fifty years old. Yes, I know Baby Yoda is force sensitive and can-do cool Force things. Other than saving Mando’s life what else has he done? Other than sleeping and looking cute, of course. At least Frik has a job and plays a vital role in helping the rebellion against the Final Order. I am not the only person that thought this. Check out some of these Twitter posts below:

We Want To Hear From You

Yes, I know this article is silly. I love how Star Wars can take something so small and make it so memorable. It does not matter who you like better. What matters is: did you like it and does it work with the show or movie. Babu Frik will always be something that I will remember from The Rise of Skywalker. He, just like Baby Yoda, in The Mandalorian, adds some humor, emotion, and cuteness to The Rise of Skywalker.

So, who are you taking, Babu Frik or Baby Yoda? What were your thoughts on The Rise of Skywalker? You can tell us how you feel by hitting us up on Twitter or myself @starwarsnerd574.

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