It really seems like some people just have nothing better to do with their time these days. As the release of STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker is getting closer there seems to more and more hate being pushed out through the good old internet towards the movie and J.J. Abrams. If you don’t know what I am talking about you don’t need to go to far to find it. According to some people on the internet, people have been walking and even storming out of The Rise of Skywalker test screenings because it was so bad. But, There is only on problem with this… there haven’t been any test screenings.

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J.J. Abrams TROS

J.J. Abrams on the Star Wars test screenings

In an interview with Esquire, J.J. Abrams talks about these rumors and the toxic fandom around Star Wars. Abrams tells Esquire that there have been no test screenings and in fact he hasn’t even seen the finished movie yet himself. Here is part of that interview:

Star Wars Franchise; JJ Abrams

“Oh yeah, yeah. Sure, I mean the final final? No. I mean the truth is, I have not even gotten to see the final product. The way it works is you do the mix, you go back and forth between two different places like you’re doing the picture at the color correction place, you’re doing the sound at the mix stage, so it’s like you’re getting it in pieces, where you say “Oh that looks amazing!” but there’s no sound to it. And then you go and you say “Oh that sounds incredible!” Then you’re still putting pieces together in your head, but of course I’ve shown it at a friends and family screening, but we’ve never done like a test screening.”

The Toxic Star Wars Fandom

After the release of STAR WARS: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, fans have had no issues ripping the movies and the actors apart on the internet. From people saying that Star Wars has been ruined forever to the verbal abuse to Kelly Marie Tran, there has been no shortage of hate out there for the franchise. Of course, Esquire touched on this subject as well. When asked about the toxic fandom here is what Abrams had to say:

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Kelly Marie Tran
Kelly Marie Tran Star Wars Credit: Lucasfilm

The reaction to Star Wars, the increased attacks, the increased negativity, the Fandom Menace as they call it, you know, that is not unique to Star Wars, obviously. And I think we live in a time where if you’re not being divisive, if you’re not creating something that’s aversive quick-bait, sometimes you don’t quite feel like you’re playing the game. I always loved Star Wars because it’s got a huge heart. Did I always believe in and agree with every single thing that happened in every movie, whether it was the prequels or the original trilogy? No. But do I love Star Wars? Yes. So, for me, I hope — and I’m sure naively — we can return to a time where we give things a bit more latitude.

Words that can some people can learn from

There are a lot of groups out there dedicated to Star Wars. Some are great and some well… the minute you say you like something about Star Wars, people are ready to tear you apart. J.J. Abrams said something in this interview that really stood out to me and should to others as well. The great thing is that these words go deeper than Star Wars. Honestly if more people thought this way the world would be a better place. Here is Abrams view on the hate:

Star Wars Big Screen Break with J.J. Abrams
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Disney ) *** Local Caption *** Stephen Colbert; J.J. Abrams; Kathleen Kennedy; Anthony Daniels; Billy Dee Williams; Daisy Ridley; John Boyega; Oscar Isaac; Kelly Marie Tran; Joonas Suotamo; Naomi Ackie

We don’t have to agree with every single thing to love something. I don’t know anyone who has a spouse or a partner or any family member or any friend, who loves and agrees with every single thing that that person is and does. We have to return, I think, to nuance and acceptance. And so I feel like, as a Star Wars fan, do I love every single thing about each of the movies? No. But do I love Star Wars? Hell yes, I do.

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Well now we know that these test screenings never happened. It was just more people with nothing better to do, trying to get clicks and likes on their made-up stories.

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Source: Esquire