samara weaving in ready or not

As I said in the preview of the home video release for Ready or Not, I thought it was one of the best films of the year. From the cast, to the plot, to the overall direction, it was in a class with very few other films from 2019. The film released on home video on December 3rd. Is the release worth your money? Let’s dig into it.

The Overall Package of Ready or Not

The Blu-ray includes the digital version for people who enjoy their movies in print and not. The film also surprisingly contained more extras than I would have realized. A gag reel that is hilarious from all the different laughs in the film, a three part documentary; Let the Games Begin: the Making of Ready or Not, that is fantastic for any fan of the film. Finally, there are the two audio commentary tracks. One with Samara Weaving, which gives insight on her star-making performance here, and the other with the writers, R. Christopher Murphy and Guy Busick. The commentary tracks for both the writers and Samara Weaving are fantastic and shouldn’t be skipped by fans of the film.

Normally, I’d say wait for the super charged extras version that’s most likely to come out, but with a film like Ready or Not, this package is totally worth your time and money. The film is fantastic and it’s in the running for my best film of 2019. It’s that good. It weaves together the horror and dark comedy genres so well, that sometimes you forget that you’re watching a horror film or a comedy film. The cast is top notch with great performances at all spots.

I can’t say anything bad about the film other than I just want more of it. Samara Weaving is going to be a star in Hollywood because of this film. She carries the whole thing on her back without seeming too powerful or dramatic. She walks the fine line of “final girl” and “action star” to a “T”.

Final Thoughts On Ready Or Not

If you like cinema in general, you’re going to like Ready or Not. Once you watch it, tell your friends to watch it, tell your classmates, your work associates, whoever else. Scream it from the top of your building. Everyone needs to see this film, because it’s simply a joy to watch. Go out and get the home video release, whether that’s Blu-ray, Digital, or DVD. It doesn’t matter, just watch it.

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