scorsese vs the mcu

Disney‘s CEO strikes back! He spoke on the criticism made about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Disney CEO Robert Iger took his chance to defend the MCU. Directors Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola did not have nice things to say when talking about the MCU. With Scorsese stating that Marvel is not real cinema. Finally, with the other calling the franchise despicable, Disney’s CEO stroke back and defended the franchise.

Iger started by expressing his shock of Coppolla calling the franchise despicable. He expressed respect for the two directors saying that he admires their work. He also stated that he didn’t take it personally. But, he says he is bothered by the other people who worked on the films. He goes back to Coppola’s calling it “despicable” by saying that it is a word that he would personally use to describe a shooter and that these are only movies. The CEO wondered who he was referring by despicable by naming some of the great cast and crew who work very hard for these projects. Some of the big names being Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johanson, Kevin Feige, and Taika Waititi.

Defending His Ground.

Disney’s CEO strikes back in a very defensive way. He stated the benefits for both fans and the movie business by saying that they are making movies people want to watch and it’s giving good business to the cinemas so they could be able to keep showing all types of movies. He began to explain the balance of making this large amount of money and also giving people great storylines. By giving people stories with values and being able to pay his two hundred thousand employees all over the world.

The CEO expressed his confusion with the comment made by the director’s by saying

“If they want to bitch about movies that is totally their right… I don’t understand. It seems so disrespectful to all the people who work on these films. Who work just as hard as the people who work on theirs. Putting their creative souls on the line, just how they are.”

The CEO went a bit more specific and mentioned one of MCU’s biggest success, Black Panther.

“You tell me that Ryan Coogler, making Black Panther is doing something that is somehow or another less than what Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Copolla have ever done in any of thier movies?Like come on. There I said it”

Other MCU Members Who Struck Back!

Beloved Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took offense to Scorsese comment and fired back in twitter with this quote.

“Martin Scorsese is one of my 5 favorite living filmakers. I was outraged when people picketed at The Last Temptation of Christ without haven’t seen the film. I’m saddened that he’s now judging my films in the same way.”

Robert Downey Jr. also reacted to it on Howard Stern by saying.

It would be like saying Howard Stern isn’t radio, it makes no sense to say it.”

Downey also went on to keep defending the franchise, to how grateful he is to have worked on these movies and how these movies have changed the game in cinema.