If you are anything like me when it comes to comics then at times you love the art more then the stories. Now don’t get me wrong I love reading them it’s just sometimes the pictures can tell more to the story than words. That’s is why I was very excited to read Masters of Comics: Inside the Studios of the World’s Premier Graphic Storytellers. This book from Insight Editions will take you into the minds and studios of the artists that bring your favorite comics to life.

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Masters of Comics is like a Comic Con Panel in your hands.

Have you wanted to know how some of your favorite Artists think or how they start their day? Well the Master of Comics picks the brains of some of the top artists today and yesterday. Not only do you get some great interviews in this book, they also bring some of their art to the pages as well. What really stood out to me was the great questions by the author Joel Meadows. Meadows questions take you past that 15 minutes you get at the Q & A part of the panel at cons and gets to the questions we all want to ask. From what kind of music do you listen to, do you work with others, to where do they get their inspiration from Meadows covers it all.

Masters of Comics

Masters of Comics Artists

This book takes you into some of the best artist studios around the world. While this book only covers 22 artists here are a few that really stuck out to me

  • Bill Sienkiewicz – best known for his work on X-Men and New Mutants
  • Frank Cho – Harley Quinn and The Incredible Hulk
  • Dan Panosian – has worked on Captain America, Spider-Man and X-Men
  • Edauardo Risso – Batman: Broken City
  • Rafael Albuquerque – Batgirl Rebirth
Masters of Comics

My Final Thoughts

I am so glad I brought this book with me to read on my flight home from New York Comic Con. After talking with and interviewing some of the artists there, I wanted more. And Masters of Comics gave it to me. This book is a MUST READ for any comic fan. I hope Insight Editions has plans to come out with another book interviewing even more artists. I would be on of the first in line to grab it. You can grab your copy of Masters of Comics: Inside the Studios of the World’s Premier Graphic Storytellers by clicking HERE.

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Masters of Comics

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