Starting tomorrow, October 11th, Los Angeles Comic Con takes over the Los Angeles Convention Center for three days of excitement and all the pop culture goodness you can imagine. There’ll be over 800 exhibitors over the course of the weekend. If you’re into exclusives, there’ll be tons of those also. Funko, Figpin, and other comic distributors will have exclusives just for LA Comic Con.

If exclusives aren’t your thing, the number of panels and celebrities is staggering. The list of guests is extensive. Elijah Wood, Tom Kenny, Ron Perlman, half the cast of the Office, Lou Ferrigno, and many more are expected to have panels or signings. Check their website for what days your favorites are going to be there. The X-Men Animated Series will be having a reunion on Saturday. Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, will have a panel remembering Stan Lee. The LA Comic Con was originally called Stan Lee’s Comikaze. So it’ll be nice to remember the comic book pioneer.

The real highlight will be a Jay and Silent Bob panel from Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. There really are too many panels and guests to bring up all of them here. You won’t want to miss any of this weekend’s events. For a full list, check here. Following the news about guests and panels, check out what That Hashtag Show is going to be doing at the LA Comic Con!

That Hashtag Show’s Presence at LA Comic Con

If you’re wondering what we’ll be doing at LA Comic Con, don’t fret! That Hashtag Show will have panels, some of our writers will be there on the floor. Our very own THS Wrestling will be having a panel on Saturday at 6:00. They’ll be showcasing the special brand of Wrestling talk that only we have. In addition to those, we’ll be having a panel on ESports, Sci-Fi and a special panel on Sunday. That special panel on Sunday is our MCU 101 panel. If you’ve missed out or need a refresher course on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you won’t want to miss this one. We’ll also be running three panels on Power Rangers for those fans out there.

If you’re going to be making the trek to the LA Convention Center this weekend, make sure to check out our panels. Say hi if you see anyone with a That Hashtag Show badge!

For more on pop culture, LA Comic Con, and anything else you can think of, check back to That Hashtag Show!