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Welcome to the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Growth and rebranding can sometimes be painful processes for properties, even ones the size of Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling’s world of wizarding ways has outgrown it’s current official website, Pottermore.com and will reopen new and improved under the shiny name of WizardingWorld.com.

Fact of life: People are not fond of change. It’s scary facing the unknown part of something you’ve known for a long time. Pottermore has been the go-to place for Harry Potter fans to get insight directly from Rowling, the film’s stars, other fans and insider info on all things HP. Pottermore is billed as the “digital heart of the wizarding world.” This new site will maintain that and so much more.

Why Is a Rebranding Of the Harry Potter Site Even Necessary?

Fantastic Beasts is the newest in the growing line of the Harry Potter universe
Fantastic Beasts is the newest in the growing line of the Harry Potter universe

Rebranding can sometimes be a wonderful thing. Companies like Harley-Davidson, McDonald’s, and Old Spice all went through growing pains. They were plagued with sluggish sales, bankruptcy, product stigma, and more. Pottermore doesn’t have those issues. One problem they do have, however, is their expanding universe, and it’s a good problem to have. This isn’t simply a fantasy book series anymore. There’s the original stories, the new book series, all the movies, toys and card games. Next add in the expanding world of Fantastic Beasts. They plainly need more room. Developers have said as much:

“It’s a bit like The Burrow; we’re magically adding a few extra floors to our house and throwing in some Extension Charms, bringing over the content you know and love from Pottermore.com, and adding some new, enhanced surprises. A visit to Pottermore.com will redirect to WizardingWorld.com – but don’t worry, you haven’t made a mistake with your Floo Powder. It is still, very much, the online home of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.
We’ve been busy working on a variety of exciting projects to make your journey through the Wizarding World even better, requiring an even bigger and better website to show it all off.”

Official post on Pottermore

Transition From One Site To the Other Will Be Smooth As ButterBeer

WizardingWorld.com welcome screen
Wizarding World.com welcome screen

Fans, put your wands away. You need not worry. Current Pottermore users can easily transfer their accounts over to the new domain. Best part is you get to keep all of your existing login details, but you will need to use a new access code sent by email to update your passwords. Once you’re in, some witchcraft happens and all your stuff gets magically transported. Your Patronus, your house, and your wand will be right where you left them.

If you transfer your account right this instant, content right now is limited. However, it does come with a cool new feature where you can pick your favorite Quidditch teams, characters and places in the wizarding world. You get to choose all your favorite spells, and also share food with others.

What’s Next For the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter?

Daniel Radcliffe and Eddie Redmayne
Wizarding World with Daniel Radcliffe and Eddie Redmayne

WizardingWorld.com is still under construction, so details are light on the new website’s content. One announcement fans can look forward to is the new mobile app announced to accompany the URL change. The timing of this change is a good thing, too. Fresh content updates will give HP fans time to get acquainted with the new gadgets while waiting for the next film installment in 2021, Fantastic Beasts 3.

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