Beyond the gear, the gameplay, and the technology- the first impression you get when meeting the team behind Lenovo Mirage’s new augmented reality game, MARVEL Dimension of Heroes, is how honored and thrilled these people are to be working with these heroes.  Sure, they got through their scripted intros for the plot and game-mechanics with smiles on their face, but what draws you in isn’t the tech, but rather how their eyes light up when asked about their handling of Marvel’s most iconic names.

The excitement they exhibited when talking and acting out swinging Thor’s hammer or clawing the air in a Black Panther-esque pose when discussing fighting styles- you can see that these people aren’t just doing a job, they are loving their work. Watching this, beyond any sales pitch or demo, I knew this game was going to be something special.  And despite some bumps, it truly is something heroic.

Dimension of Heroes
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Like any hardcore aficionado or passive fan, we don’t just want another game with a red Marvel Tag slapped on the side or a shielded avatar on the cover- we want quality and something to sink our teeth into. And even though the gameplay isn’t breaking the mold, it’s so filled with love and fun that it works beyond any expectations. Star Lord’s quips in Dimension of Heroes are spot on. Likewise, the controls give you a true sense of wielding Earth’s mightiest weapons. The gameplay itself leaves a smile on your face long after removing the headset.

Dimension of Heroes an exciting AR adventure

MARVEL Dimension of Heroes is a new AR game by Lenovo Mirage that drops Sept. 6th.  If you’ve played any AR game before you’ll have an immediate handle on the gameplay.  You put your phone in into the AR headset and strap it on and then pick up some grips and you’re ready to de battle with the forces of evil. Villains appear around you and, depending on your hero, you shoot or smash them with your character’s specific weapon. After doing this for a bit a boss will appear, rinse/repeat as you follow a campaign like story to the final chapter. Variations come in special moves and guest appearances by other heroes to help you on your journey.  Smashing with Mjölnir is a physical action and can bring a joy beyond comprehension.

This may sound simple, and it is- but what puts this game over the rim is the sheer joy of being your favorite hero and how the designers play with all the elements from the Marvel Universe. I played as Star-Lord, wielding his blasters like a smiling maniac, laughing at the great dialogue and blowing up everything I could see.  When Black Panther showed up in Dimension of Heroes to help, I literally cheered. In additional to the spot on voice acting- you get a sincere feel for being in a Marvel battle and that is what this game gives you beyond anything else.

Marvel joins Jedi Challenges for AR fun

All the modern trappings of an AR game are there, however; your arms get tired of holding them aloft after a time, gameplay can be repetitive, and the price tag is a bit steep at $249.99 for the gear. The headset works with a trick of mirrors, “powered” by your cell phone and a free app. Lenovo does a great job with the comfort and stability of the lightweight headset and the handle grips that feel great to wear, adding to the fun.  As with most current AR, there is a tracking beacon to place down to anchor the game action.

The money factor becomes slightly more manageable, when you can add compatibility with Lenovo’s Jedi Challenges at no additional cost– which is a fantastic game itself.

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Although, I only got to play as Star Lord, in the game you can play as Doctor Strange, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and (of course) Star-Lord – and all of their powers and weapons that they wield against the evil forces of Dormammu, Loki, Ronan the Accuser, Ultron Prime, and the Winter Soldier.

After saving the Marvel Universe in campaign mode, you can try your hand with wave after wave of baddies in survival Mode, climbing your way up a global, online leaderboard.

All in all, the Dimension of Heroes experience is truly unique and impressive. The game isn’t perfect, but it’s an immersive and fantastic experience from start to finish.