D23 Episode 9 poster
D23 Episode 9 poster

Ever since D23 fans have had plenty to talk about after a drought of speculation. On top of the sizzle reel that released, the fan poster also made waves. Sadly, most of the talk rests on the negative side. Many ridiculed the Rise of Skywalker poster for being too cartoon-like, especially the head of Palpatine.

Trends in Posters

With movie posters there are several trends, but Star Wars usually sticks with a couple types. Star Wars goes with the collage style or the over simplified. The collage style tends to be the crowded look where they pack every major and new character into the poster in an almost pyramid style. This style often favors movies with tons of characters and many new faces. The first Episode 9 poster shows this style very well:

initial ep9 poster
Initial Episode 9 poster
return of the jedi poster
Return of the Jedi Poster

The other style Star Wars uses tends to be much simpler and focus on a single image and message. The best example of the simpler style Star Wars poster comes from Return of the Jedi and is pictured here. All we see is Luke wielding his lightsaber with the Deathstar in the background. It shows so little, yet speaks so much to the nature of Return of the Jedi.

With the latest poster from D23, the focus is on the two great force wielders left standing battling each other with dark side and light side energies trailing each combatant. The Emperor’s head looms large over the two figures as he remains the great mastermind behind all things.

Ep9 Poster Ridiculed As Too Cartoonish

Many fans complain this poster from D23 looks too cartoonish, especially with Sidious’s head in the background. I am pretty sure 100% of the poster was illustrated, not photographed. I fail to see what the big deal is. Complaints here are completely unwarranted. I do not remember fans screaming Vader looks too cartoonish and not realistic enough.

A New Hope Poster
A New Hope Poster

The ep9 poster ridicule seems to be fans looking for things to complain about any more instead of just enjoying what we have. I will admit the D23 poster looks more like a book cover than a movie poster, but it still looks sharp either way. The look fits the mood of the trailers so far, especially now we know Sidious is involved. Here are some fan fixes down below:

three fixes for Sidious on the D23 poster
fan fixes for the Ep 9 D23 poster

These look very cool, but they are no greater or less than the original, just different. To me the most epic of the fan changes will be the one pictured below. First time I saw it, I did a double take thinking I was going crazy! Check it out:

ep9 D23 teaser trailer with darth jar jar.
One Gungan to rule them all….