THS’s own Junior Hashtag is present at the D23 panel this morning, and with the entire Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker on stage, a new poster was released! May not sound like much, but this one is special… Palpatine is on it!

The Star Wars: Episode IX Poster

Episode IX poster

…and then the footage…

Then we get some brief Episode IX footage. Are you sitting down? Palpatine speaks, saying “Your journey ends here…”, then we get a shot of Rey… in all black… with a dual red lightsaber! Is Rey going dark side after all? Where does that leave Kylo Ren? Then we see a literal armada of thousands of Star Destroyers moving in on the last of the resistance. It’s not looking so good for the good guys.

And finally, the coup-de-gras… the scene ends with everyone’s favorite asthmatic. Just like the first trailer ending with the cackling laugh of Palpatine, this one ends with the breath of none other than Darth Vader. Has he returned, too?

There’s a lot to digest, from the Episode IX poster to the footage…. Holy moly, Star Wars fans… are you ready for Episode IX? How does the return of the Emperor and Darth Vader affect the end of this saga? What do you think of the new artwork and scene clip? Come on December! The Rise of Skywalker releases December 20th.

Source: D23