Amazon Studios’ irreverent super hero series The Boys both shocked and amused audiences with Season 1. Stars of the show took to the stage at Fan Expo Canada 2019 this past weekend to answer questions, talk about their experiences on set, and even give us some hints for Season 2. If what they tell us is true, The Boys Season 2 is going to be even better than the first.

The Boys Season 2
The Cast of The Boys appears at Fan Expo Canada to talk about the show.
L-R: Antony Starr (Homelander); Jack Quaid (Hughie); and Karl Urban (Butcher)
Image: Steve Rickets/That Hashtag Show)

Karl Urban (Butcher), Jack Quaid (Hughie) and Antony Starr (Homelander) took a break from filming in Toronto and first discussed how they all came together to film The Boys. “This is insane. I have to be a part of this,” said Urban, remembering when producers first approached him with the concept. Though Season 1’s insanity drew him to the project, he was even more excited for The Boys Season 2.

The Boys Season 2 will blow fans minds

It’s even more diabolical. It will blow your minds and traumatize you!”

~Karl Urban on The Boys Season 2
The Boys season 2
Karl Urban (Butcher) makes Jack Quaid (Hughie) laugh during a panel at
Fan Expo Canada 2019.
Image: Steve Rickets/That Hashtag Show

It’s hard to believe that the show will be able to top the over-the-top action of its inaugural season. Jack Quaid could even attest to just how much detail went into to producing that first season. He noted that even as early as the very first episode producers strove to make the show seem as traumatically real as possible. “When I was holding Robin’s hands, they felt really real. I mean really real,” said Quaid. That attention to detail is one of the show’s strengths that will carry over into The Boys Season 2.

Filming has already begun for the second season, and it looks to pick up right where it left off. They are shooting an episode approximately every twelve days. According to Urban, it has a “very real film quality to it, a visceral, real-world feel.” The Boys Season 2 Is even going old school, using helicopters to film in real-life environments instead of using green screen.  

What’s in Store for Next Season

Antony Starr (Homelander) talks about The Boys at Fan Expo Canada 2019.
Image: Steve Rickets/That Hashtag Show

The cast promised a lot to come from the new story lines, as well. The Boys Season 2 will introduce a gender-swapped version of the comic book “supe” Stormfront. Aya Cash will portray the Shazam!-like, white supremacist villain. And, according to Starr, she will be “one bad-ass broad.”

Starlight, it seems, will also take on a darker persona in The Boys Season 2. The goodie-two-shoes optimist got a healthy dose of reality as Season 1 progressed. She even battled another of The Seven (A-Train) to save Hughie in the season finale. Will a disenchanted Starlight fall further from grace next season?

Time will tell.

The Boys airs on Amazon Prime Video and is streaming now.