Galaxy's Edge A Crash Of Fate cover

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge A Crash Of Fate revealed several hints about Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker.

The new novel is the first of several featuring Galaxy’s Edge — The Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu. With Disneyland’s recent investment in Galaxy’s Edge, it makes sense for Disney to want to build hype about the planet. There is good evidence that Batuu will play a role in the upcoming movie.

Ohnaka Transport Solutions at Galaxy’s Edge

Hondo Ohnaka, Ohnaka Transport Solutions at Galaxy's Edge

Hondo Ohnaka, the Weequay pirate featured in The Clone Wars and Rebels, has set up shop on Batuu. His company, Ohnaka Transport Solutions, is mentioned in several books featuring Batuu. Up to this point, the flakey pirate has only appeared in animated form. With so much attention on his operation in Crash Of Fate and other books, It’s likely Hondo will make a real-life appearance in Episode IX. Will Honda be hired to smuggle artifacts for the Resistance? Or will he be secretly be working for the First Order? Knowing Hondo, the answer is probably both.

The Battle of Batuu

Batuu at Galaxy's Edge

The latest Galaxy’s Edge book takes place shortly after the events in The Last Jedi. Throughout the novel, the characters encounter an increasing number of both First Order and Resistance forces in Black Spire Outpost. While this is completely peripheral to the plot in the story, it’s clear to the reader that conflict is brewing. And as expected, in the epilogue, the fight between the First Order and Resistance breaks out and the novel abruptly ends. I expect that the “Battle of Batuu” will be one of the initial scenes in The Rise Of Skywalker.

Brief Review of Galaxy’s Edge A Crash Of Fate

While this novel may hint at events in The Rise Of Skywalker, the plot itself really had nothing to do with it. The novel is effectively a Star Wars-themed romance novel set in Black Spire Outpost. 

Izzy was abruptly taken away from her best friend Jules when her parents were forced to move from Batuu. Several years later after her parents died, Izzy picked up a delivery job taking her back to Black Spire Outpost. By chance, she runs into Jules, and it doesn’t take them long to pick up where they left off. When Izzy’s job goes wrong, she and Jules get sucked into an adventure ultimately saving the outpost. And of course, in the process, fall madly in love with each other.

If you are a Star Wars fan who also happens to be a fan of romance novels, then you will enjoy this book. Otherwise, there probably isn’t much in this novel for you.