STAR WARS, Marvel, Pokemon, and hit movies, these are just a few of the different themed Funko POP! vinyl figures. Like most collectors it starts by getting one and before you know it you can’t find your cat anymore because of all of the boxes.

Most of the time when you see Funko trending online its because they have just announced some new releases. But today Funko is trending for a whole new reason… a husband choosing his Funko POP! figures over his wife.


Funko POPS! VS The Wife

With everything going on in the news these is nothing that really is shocking anymore. So, I thought until I saw a tweet today from @AITA_reddit. It showed a story about a husband that after years of collecting chose he Funko POPS! over his wife. You can checkout this tweet below:

We want to hear from you

So, what are your thoughts on this unusual story that is flooding the Funko collecting pages? What would you do in this situation? Also just because we want to know, how many POPS! do you think is to many? Well That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you.

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