Let’s face it: Not everyone can make it to San Diego for Comic-Con International. Between travel, accommodation and ticket costs, fans around the world often find it difficult to attend. Consequently, there has been a boom in the regional Comic-Con industry. Smaller, local conventions now occur all over the world. More and more, actors, artists and celebrities are attending those events as a service to their fans. What happened to Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank recently, however, highlights one of the pitfalls of international travel to participate in the secondary, Comic-Con market.

Jason David Frank
Frank appears at Comic-Con Lima with a Power Rangers cosplayer.
(Image: Jason David Frank/Instagram)

Frank, who portrayed Tommy Oliver, the original Green Ranger, recently attended Comic-Con Lima in the country of Peru. He did so at the request of the event promoter, who indicated that he would handle all necessary arrangements. That included obtaining a work Visa for Jason David Frank to attend the event. Though the convention went well, Peruvian customs agents detained Frank he tried to leave Peru to return home. Despite the promoter submitting Frank’s Visa, it seems, customs never processed it. Speaking exclusively to That Hashtag Show, Frank told of his ordeal, and debunked rumors of his arrest.

Power Rangers’ Jason David Frank detained in Peru

“I didn’t get arrested…. Over 10,000 people asked for a Visa this month. Some of the Visas were on a waiting list or something, and [mine] just wasn’t cleared. The promoter spent all day trying to get this fixed. It really wasn’t the promoter’s fault. My Visa and few other actors’ Visas were stopped…. The promoters did try hard to get me out of this thing.”  

~Jason David Frank, speaking exclusively to That Hashstag Show about his travel woes in Peru.

One of the others to whom Frank referred was Harry Potter actor Josh Herdman (Gregory Goyle).  He ended up detained as well. The two actors simply fell victim to an overloaded Customs office unable to keep up with Visa requests.  Frank would later post about his circumstances on Instagram:


This is only the second year for Comic Con Lima. It’s timing, occurring concurrently with the Pan Am Games in Lima, appears to be the root cause of the travel woes for Jason David Frank. Thus, this was hopefully only an isolated incident of extraordinary circumstances. Still, you never know what international travel will bring.

The original Green Ranger draws a crowd at Comic-Con Lima.
(Image: Jason David Frank/Instagram)

Fortunately, Frank is now home, none the worse for the wear, and thankful for all those that came to see him at Comic Con Lima.