Hobbs and Shaw arguing
Opposite sides of the same coin

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, along with Idris Elba star in the Fast and Furious spin off, Hobbs and Shaw. If you have seen the trailers then you know what type of movie this is and what to expect. Are there Oscar winning performances and deep plot twists? Hell no. Is this movie a whole lot of action, mouthing off, explosions and fun? Oh hell yes!

Hobbs and Shaw Is a Fast and Furious Spin Off

Vin Diesel and Johnson need their space, so what is a franchise hungry for both to do? Why a spin off of course. F&F keeps getting faster, bigger and weirder with each movie. If one wants to keep the movie about cars and family there is only so much you can do. With Hobbs and Shaw it allows for a more high tech/Mission Impossible style spin.

There are enough car chases and action to keep the F&F feel to it, but with Elba being “black Superman” and both stars working for different governments, it allowed the movie to open up into a whole new ballgame with bigger effects and peril than would be allowed in a F&F movie.

Stellar Cast All the Way Around

Both Statham and Johnson do what they do best in this movie. Hobbs and Shaw is 2hrs and 15min of these two either flexing their muscles or flexing their mouths sometimes both at the same time! If you expect nothing of this movie other than an 80s/90s action flic with non stop fights and explosions you will get exactly what you imagine. Of course this type of movie remains the bread and butter for both actors.

This movie adds in Vanessa Kirby as Shaw’s sister Hattie. Of course movies need a damsel in distress/love interest for the hero right? WRONG! Vanessa Kirby is an up and coming female action star. Her moves are just as sharp as Johnson and Statham, and her wit/presence is just as strong. She does a great job being a balanced third leg to the film.

Brixton and His Bike

Idris Elba plays the “black Superman”, Brixton. He undergoes cybernetic enhancements through out the movie that make him a terminator like character. Elba brings his all as the bad ass he usually portrays in movies. He can beat any person and they do a great job of making it believable.

Then there’s Brixton’s motorcycle. Being a cyborg, Brixton can control the bike with his mind, so the bike comes zooming out of nowhere at his call; However, there are tricks and stunts they do together that makes me think the bike comes from the Transformers franchise.


Hobbs and family charging the bad guys
Samoan Culture on display once more

One thing Fast and Furious focuses on through out the series is the concept of family. Hobbs and Shaw actually do a great job using family to help develop both of the main characters. Shaw has to reconnect with his sister while Hobbs must reconnect with his Samoan roots. Hobbs family does a great job adding humor and depth in their scenes.

Cameos and Post Credits

There are a minimum of three fairly major cameos that are not listed in the credits and each one plays major roles in the film. Not only that but they kill their roles when they show up. Look for them then grab the tissue. You WILL be crying from laughter.

Also for those who are curious, there are THREE post credit scenes with the last at the very end. They are worth watching, but that is all I can say without spoiling things.

Wrap Up

This movie delivers exactly what it shows in the trailers without the trailers spoiling the best parts of the movie. You should know if you’ll like it before you even go. This movie offers non stop action and smack talk. I love this movie, and is one of the better movies so far this year.

Score: 90