We already know that Aquaman actor Jason Momoa will appear in Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming Dune reboot. It looks like the actor may have more in the works coming up, too. Later this year, Momoa will begin production on a new film in Toronto, Canada. While we don’t have any details about the movie yet, we can provide you this exclusive insight into the film and its cast. And based on what we’ve learned, there appears to be some supernatural themes to Momoa’s new project.

Jason Momoa; Justice League
Is this what Momoa will possibly look like in new film? (Image: Warner Bros.)

What we know: The story appears to center on the character of Nema, daughter to the film’s male lead (likely Jason Momoa), Peter. Our guess is that Nema is around 9-12 years old, and suffers a *seeming* tragedy with the loss of her father. Based on the character descriptions below, the film is assuredly set at the seaside. The story also involves something called the “Bureau of Subconscious Activities” in “Slumberland,” so expect the film to have an otherwordly feel.  Here’s how the main cast shake’s out:

New Jason Momoa film: Exclusive Casting News

[PHILIP] 35—40s, Male. Peter’s estranged brother and Nema’s uncle. Nice haircut, expensive suit, very put together – clearly not working class. Sweet and nerdy at heart, he owns a company that sells doorknobs. He awkwardly tries his best to be light, funny, warm and safe but is ill equipped to raise a child and way out of his depth as a parent… LEAD

[PETER] 40s, Male. Nema’s father. He is a rugged but gentle lighthouse keeper. Peter is a proud father who loves telling Nema bedtime stories and teaching her everything he knows… LEAD (our guess is that Jason Momoa will portray Philip. I mean, he is rugged….)

[MS. CARDOZA] 30—40 years old, Female, she’s the School Counselor at Westbrook where Nema has just transferred… SUPPORTING … PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…

[AGENT GREEN] 30—50 years old, Female, an agent with the Bureau of Subconscious Activities in Slumberland where she is chasing Flip / helping guide Nema… SUPPORTING … PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…

[CARLA] 30—50 years old, Female, she is the local harbormaster. Warm, a bit rugged, she has an earthy and athletic quality. Grew up on and around boats and now spends her days driving them. She tells Nema that her father has been lost at sea and executes his wishes regarding Nema’s custody…1 speech, 5 lines, 8 scenes … PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…

So who else will join Jason Momoa in the new film?

Additional Cast

Jason Momoa
Arthur Curry (Momoa) as he’ll appear in the Snyder cut of Justice League.
(Image: Warner Bros.)

The casting call for the new Jason Momoa movie offers a number of other, bit characters, as well:

[JAMAL] 9-12 years old, Male, student at Westbrook, super smart, super friendly, sort of the school’s ambassador, tries to befriend Nema and take her under his wing…22 lines, 7 scenes, PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES ages 9—12 years old

[GRACIELA] Late 20s—Early 30s, Female, Cuban. Seen in her dream, she is young and gorgeous, takes of her coat to reveal she is wearing a stunning salsa dress, shakes out her hair and starts dancing and she’s amazing….4 lines in Spanish, 4 scenes… PLEASE SUBMIT THOSE WHO HAVE SALSA DANCE EXPERIENCE & CAN SPEAK SPANISH

[CUBAN HOTEL MANAGER] 40—60 years old, Male, Cuban, very short and very intense, is suspicious of Flip and Nema… 2 lines in Spanish, 2 scenes… PLEASE SUBMIT ACTORS WHO CAN SPEAK SPANISH

Interestingly absent from the casting list? The character of Nema.

The new film will be directed by Francis Lawrence (of the Hunger Games series) and is slated to begin production in November, 2020.

Stay tuned here for more information on the new Jason Momoa film as it becomes available!