Dash Rendar fans, it’s time to dust off your old N64. Shadows of the Empire is back! Beginning today you can purchase a brand new re-release of the storied Star Wars game from 1997. No, this isn’t a joke – Dash Rendar and the Outrider are playable once again.

Shadows of the Empire
Image: Limited Run Games

The game comes to us from Limited Run Games, and the name says it all: Shadows of the Empire is back in a very limited run. Only 3,000 units of the retro game cartridge will be available for purchase on its own. Even the packaging is retro, as the game is sold in a classic action figure-style package. It comes complete with its own illustrated backer card and is sealed in a blister pack. The game will retail for $44.99 and is available for pre-order. It will otherwise ship in November, just in time for Christmas.

Shadows of the Empire Returns for N64

If’ you’re willing to spend a little more, however, you can get a deluxe edition for around $89 (according to IGN). With that package you’ll also get collectors’ items, like art cards, pins and posters. Joining Shadows of the Empire in the release is also The Empire Strikes Back for NES and Game Boy.

Image: Limited Run Games

For those that don’t remember, Shadows of the Empire was a massive, multi-media release for Lucasfilm in the late nineties. The release included a comic book, the game, a tie-in novel, and even a soundtrack influenced by legendary Star Wars composer John Williams. George Lucas, in conjunction with John Wagner and Steve Perry, penned the novel.

For many fans, old and new alike, Shadows of the Empire was and remains one of the greatest entries into Star Wars storytelling. Fans clamored for George Lucas to make the novel into a movie in the nineties. Notwithstanding, Lucas refused, as he did with fans’ desire to see the original Thrawn trilogy on the big screen as well.

Dash Rendar
Dash Rendar in the original Shadows of the Empire game from 1997.

At least now, if you still have your old N64 or a more modern, retro-compatible game console, you can enjoy Shadows of the Empire in all its original glory.

Sales go live at 10:00 am eastern today, July 26, at limitedrungames.com.

Source: IGN