A few images have dropped recently, but for the first time this morning we finally get to watch the trailer for the upcoming Charlie’s Angels directed by Pitch Perfect 2 director Elizabeth Banks. Here is our first look:

Trailer for Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angel’s Trailer Give Us Story

This trailer was not a teaser. We see the story to come, and it looks fun. Naomi Scott appears to be the new comer of the story. She creates a program for the power industry. The problem is, the program could double as a weapons program.

At that point the action leaps forward. Naomi Scott‘s character get swept up in the world of spies and crime fighting along with Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska. In the process of showing off the new world we meet Patrick Stewart, Djimon Hounsou and Elizabeth Banks as the new Bosley.

Creators have said this is not a reboot. This movie continues what started on the television show, continued in the movie with Cameron Diaz and Drew Barymore, and expand the story internationally. In fact, the Bosley character that has always been played by a man is now a title, which allows Banks to take on the role.

What’s So New?

Naomi Scott, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinsky
The cast of Charlie’s Angels 2019

Watching this trailer, Charlie’s Angels 2019 looks like your average, run of the mill spy story where a noob recruit joins an experienced team and learns how to be a spy/special agent.

Yes. That is exactly what this looks like, so what is wrong with that? How many movies come out that fit this same description. The new movie simply recycles an old idea. You do not go to these movies expecting something new and award winning. You go to these movies for the actors involved and to simply have fun.

The cast looks great together. The chemistry seems genuine on screen as well as off, which is good. Naomi Scott is an up and comer in the acting world. After her role in Aladdin, her star should continue to grow.

Was that a Smile?!

Kristen Stewart expressing herself
The Many Faces of Stewart

I have never been a Kristen Stewart fan. I hate Twilight and for years the picture above described both her acting talent and facial expressions. She and Emilia Clark from Game of Thrones need to swap some DNA to equal out their facial expressiveness.

However, if you watch the trailer, we see Stewart smile. In fact we see several emotions and personality. It appears her work both in front of and behind the camera in the Indy world of film payed off.

Naomi Scott had me looking forward to this movie, but seeing the cast and their interactions as well as the except fight sequences and sense of humor make this movie look like fun. Let’s hope so because the box ofice needs some solid films this year.