Power Rangers Issue 40

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 40 finishes off “Shattered Grid” and introduces the reader to their next event, “Necessary Evil.” This issue is jammed packed with changes and is sure to excite every fan for things to come.

Booms’ latest issue of Power Rangers has SO MUCH to unpack. First off, there’s a lot of new characters. I use “new” loosely because most of these characters are pulled from the TV show. Some of them even appeared during “Shattered Grid.” Also, we finally get the arrival of the White Ranger!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 40

There’s also an introduction of a new villain that resembles a certain character from SPD; so it’ll be interesting to see if there is a connection there. I love that the Power Rangers comics expand on the mythology created in the show.

Another great aspect of the comics, and is shown in this issue is the relationships of the characters. In the TV show, the Rangers might fall under a spell that tears the team apart, only to have it seamlessly resolved by the end of the episode. However, in the comics, the arguments and feelings between the team are organic and take more to overcome. This helps the team build stronger friendships over multiple issues.

Boom! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 40 delivers! So much for fans old and new to gush and theorize over. Especially the final panel. Issue 40 is in stores now.

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Writer – Ryan Parrott

Artist – Daniele Di Nicuolo