Outside of the first page of Monstress 23, there is no fighting in this issue. Instead of a long boring issue, however, we get a marvelous look into Maika and her father. The Lord Doctor possesses powers and traits that make him one of the most evil characters in fantasy. Move over Lord Vader. You aren’t evil enough.

Monstress 23: Cover To Cover

Cover to Monstress 23
Cover to Monstress 23

This cover has its usual look of exemplary quality with its fine detail and rich design. The one problem is that it has nothing to do with this issue. Like I said earlier, Ren and Kippa are on the first page and that’s it. This cover would have matched issue 22 better.

The Father of All Evil

While we lack any fighting in Monstress 23, we get an exceptional character development issue. The relationship between Maika and Lord Doctor sucks. We know that, but throughout this issue we learn exactly how evil and powerful her father is. The Lord Doctor is to be feared!

At times he can seem to want to do what is best for Maika and his army, but then things turn and we see his thirst for power and what he lost. Lord Doctor does not inspire fear by inducing terror or slaughtering millions. He induces fear through the sheer power he controls and the stone cold, iron grip in which he uses it. He may be slow to strike, butt when he does it will be precise and with power beyond measure.

The Details of Evil in Monstress 23

We learn a lot of small details about Lord Doctor as he interacts with Maika. Where Maika lost an arm, Lord Doctor lacks both legs. He normally wears prosthetics, but unlike Maika’s arm, his are removable. He tells her that her’s is not because he didn’t want her tossing it aside. We do not know why he lacks legs, but if it is similar to Maika, it would be demon induced.

In Monstress 23, Lord Doctor embraces his darker, former demonic self. Maika enjoys the meal they share, but then makes the mistake of asking about what is in it as it’s familiar. Never do that. She discovers it is a meal made up of human body parts. She hurls of course, but her father continues to eat like it were chicken. Lord Doctor warns Maika this is what her future holds.

Maika later loses her temper and attempts to strike down her father, but instead every punch and kick she throws is dodged like she were a mere toddler. Maika may not be a great fighter, but she can hold her own. She looked a complete novice. The lord Doctor knows combat.