Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has been open for a few weeks at the Disneyland Resort. For the Star Wars fan with a a keen eye, there are so many Star Wars Easter Eggs in the new area to explore. But there is one that a lot of fans will find surprising.

Within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, there are a bunch of Star Wars vehicles that fans will recognize. From the Millennium Falcon to an X-Wing fighter and even an A-Wing fighter, there are plenty of vehicular throwbacks for fans to enjoy. There’s one, however, that perhaps fans won’t recognize, and with good reason: we’ve never seen it before.

A Sign Of Collin Trevorrow’s Episode IX at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

For those who remember, Colin Trevorrow was originally supposed to direct The Rise Of Skywalker. He ended up leaving the project because of creative differences. Nevertheless, a piece of his film lives on in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Guests will be able to take photo ops with the First Order Tie Echelon, pictured above. This vehicle was supposed to be in Trevorrow’s version of Episode IX. We don’t yet know whether or not it will end up in the film.

We understand that this is the Star Wars equivalent of a real-world Blackhawk stealth helicopter. It looks huge on the outside, and it is quite impressive.

Some Other Easter Eggs

Some of the other Easter Eggs in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge include:

This land really does have everything that both hardcore Star Wars fans and new Star Wars fans will love. And it opens in a little over two months in Walt Disney World. So, East Coast fans, you will be able to visit Batuu soon.

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