Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out in just a couple weeks. One would think most advertising would be aimed towards its success. Notwithstanding, Marvel dropped a tweet that not only has people baffled, but confused as to its meaning. The picture from the Marvel Entertainment Twitter account is seen below. Are they trying to tell us something about Spider-Man 4 already?

Marvel’s mysterious tweet

What Does It Mean?

People have been speculating what this could possibly mean. It makes no sense to be related to Far From Home. That opens July 2. The picture also had the hashtag #MarvelComics, so it would seem this is something comic related. New Comics release on Wednesdays, so there is no new title. That, and comic stores would have a heads up if that were the case.

Many have speculated that with the use of a 4, perhaps this is some sort of Fantastic Four tie in. The number does have a similar design. As far as I know there are no active Fantastic Four comic titles, so could this mean Spidey will be re-introducing the first family of comics? Or are they already telegraphing a Spider-Man 4?

A Pattern Emerges

A pattern has emerged that now tells us what the numbers are, but not what they are for. It’s a countdown! Yesterday Marvel tweeted out a 3 in the same web design as the four. This would suggest that we are counting down to something with Thursday being the announcement day.

I am unfamiliar with the current state of the Spider-Man titles. This might be the start up a new title, or it could be some sort of major cross over or other story arc that will have a major impact on the Spider-Maan universe.

Why the 4? Spider-Man 4? Fantastic Four?

Spider-Man 4; Fantastic Four

Is there a significance to the four though? It does seem odd to start a countdown with 4. Does that mean the four does have a significance to the announcement? Maybe it does have something to do with the Fantastic Four. With Disney owning the title once more, their return to the big screen is a question if when not if. We may see their comic return as a forerunner to the big screen return.

Could this have something to do with Sam Raimi’s long lost Spider-Man 4 that was never made? Some have speculated that it might, but I doubt this. That is a Sony property and Disney is not going to throw Sony easy money even though they are sharing the character.

Either way I guess we find out what this all means on Thursday.