Star Wars Battlefront II updates

Star Wars Battlefront may have had its issues early on, but EA is not letting this warhorse go. More and more updates keep rolling out and recently they announced even more updates. So check it out…

Capital Supremacy Expands

With the last set of major updates a new game mode was added, Capital Supremacy. The point to this mode ends up quite complex and in some cases time consuming. Sides wage war on the ground over objectives. When they meet their goal, the battle relocates to the opposing capital ship. If the team that won planet-side wins on the ship – GAME OVER. If the defenders manage to hold their ship, the battle transfers back down planet side. This actually leads to some pretty long and involved battles.

The original battle takes place on Kashyyyk, Geonosis and Kamino. Coming at the end of this month, the same format will be moved to Naboo. The Clone Army takes on the Separatist army to see who can win on the ground then take out the opponent’s capital ship overhead.

More Battlefront II Updates

Also being added in the same update will be two new items, one for each side that could alter current gameplay strategies. The Republic will receive its first piece of heavy hardware in the form of the TX-130 tank. This SHOULD be a great addition for the Republic as they lack heavy vehicles. The BARCs and AT-RTs are quick, nimble and none too hardy.

The Separatists, meanwhile, will be receiving the long awaited Droideka. They may be slow and none too mobile, but they should have awesome guns along with shields to allow them to take a pounding. I wonder if this will be a points unlock type character similar to the wookiee, or if it will always be playable. An organized group of Destroyers could be a serious issue.

Finally, Anakin Skywalker will finally receive his “General” outfit. He will now look the part of a Clone leader.

All this rolls out June 26th so be ready! Available at