Explore the Journey Through the Zombie Hordes

Fans are already enamored with Darksburg, the co-op survival action game from the acclaimed French indie studio Shiro Games (Northgard, the Evoland series). Now, a new narrative gameplay trailer for the game is available. 


The video provides a first-hand account of the perilous journey the players undertake. You can follow along as players enter the infested medieval town of Darksburg. There they’ll find locked gates and discover the keys before finally overcoming the town’s corrupted executioner. 

Darksburg Trailer

Darksburg is a top-down cooperative multiplayer game for PC. Four players team up to rid the titular medieval town of the hordes of undead plaguing it. They will have a roster of colorful characters to choose from. Each character features a distinct set of skills and backgrounds. From the compassionate (but not overly so) There are great characters from which to choose. First there is Sister Abigail, and the cheerful innkeeper and zombie slayer Runolf. And don’t forget the sardonic bounty hunter Rose and the escaped werewolf (and man’s best friend) Varag.

Teamwork and reflexes are the key to survive in the fast-paced and challenging world of Darksburg.