The first teaser for Star Trek: Picard gives us our first brief glimpse into the series.

The first teaser for CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Picard has finally dropped and given us our first brief glimpse of the series. While it doesn’t give us a release date, it does set the stage for where the show will be picking up.

The teaser shows us Jean-Luc working in the fields of his vineyard after having retired from Starfleet with the rank of Admiral. A female voice is heard recounting events, she says “Fifteen years ago, today, you led us out of the darkness. You commanded the greatest rescue armada in history”. The destruction of Romulus was in 2387. 15 years later would put us in 2402. While it is entirely possible this is the event being referenced, that puts us a few years ahead of when we had previously thought the series would take place. There’s always the possibility of some retcons and changing the years for the sake of continuity, but it’s also possible there’s another event she could be talking about.

One Event Or Two?

The next line is “Then the unimaginable.” This line leads me to believe that there are two different events. Next, the voice asks “What did that cost you? Your faith? Your faith in us? Your faith in yourself?” We already knew that Jean-Luc was dealing with a loss. We had assumed that it was just the destruction of Romulus though, but perhaps something else happened that compounded it?

Finally, the voice says “Tell us, why did you leave Starfleet Admiral?” So, now it’s confirmed that our speculation was correct about him no longer being enlisted and now being called back into action. But we still don’t know for sure why. The character breakdowns we revealed earlier this year revealed that there’s an artifact Picard is investigating. . . but what exactly. . . we don’t know yet.

So, what are your thoughts on the teaser? What do you think happened 15 years ago? Let me know in the comments. Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for all the latest news on Star Trek: Picard.

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