Creator Mike Schur is cooking up a new comedy series over at Netflix, and it’s time to get excited. A Classic Spy will star Emmy winner Ted Danson as a retired man who gets a new lease on life in an unusual way; he answers an ad from a PI and becomes a mole in a secret investigation. Today, Deadline exclusively revealed 13 additional cast members for the show.

A Classic Spy will feature Mary Elizabeth Ellis (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Encanto), Lilah Richcreek Estrada (Chicago Med), Tony nominee Stephen Mckinley Henderson (Dune), Emmy winner Sally Struthers (All In The Family, Gilmore Girls), Eugene Cordero (Loki), Academy Award nominee Margaret Avery (The Color Purple), John Getz (Grace and Frankie), Emmy nominee Susan Ruttan (L.A. Law, Mom), Lori Tan Chinn (Joy Ride), Clyde Kusatsu (Never Have I Ever), Marc Evan Jackson (Lessons In Chemistry), and Jama Williamson (Single Parents).

Schur has spearheaded some of the most popular comedies of the last few decades, including The Good Place, Parks & Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as well as producing The Office and Hacks

Danson previously played a lead role in one of Schur’s series, The Good Place. And the new show will be a bit of a Good Place reunion; Jackson and Cordero both recurred on the series. Jackson also appeared in Schur’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as did Beatriz.

You can learn more about each actor’s role in A Classic Spy below.

A Classic Spy: Cast & Characters

  • Ellis plays Emily, a married mother of three boys who has to adjust when her father Charles (Danson) makes a surprising late-life career move and becomes an undercover detective.
  • Beatriz plays Didi, the all-seeing, all-knowing managing director of the Pacific View Retirement Residence in San Francisco.
  • Estrada plays Julie, a San Francisco-based private investigator, Julie hires Charles to be her mole and pretends to be his daughter to maintain the ruse at the retirement home.
  • Henderson plays Calbert, a transplant from Washington, D.C. who is the stoic eyes and ears of the Pacific View community.
  • Struthers plays Virginia, the vivacious life of the party who immediately takes a shine to Charles.
  • Cordero plays Emily’s husband Joel, a supportive and exceedingly competent 10th grade science teacher.
  • Avery plays Virginia’s sweet best friend Florance who loves poetry and the Golden State Warriors in equal measure.
  • Getz plays Pacific View’s resident lothario Elliott who immediately feels threatened by all the attention Charles gets when he moves in.
  • Ruttan plays Gladys, a glamorous former costume designer from New York who lives next door to Charles at Pacific View.
  • Chinn plays Susan, the President of the Pacific View resident council, which she rules with an iron fist.
  • Kusatsu plays Grant, a Princeton grad at Pacific View, who is deeply concerned with you knowing he is a Princeton grad.
  • Jackson plays Evan, the client who hires Julie to investigate the theft of his mother’s necklace.
  • Williamson plays Beatrice, the Pacific View Activities Director who has never had a bad day in her life.

A Classic Spy will stream on Netflix, but doesn’t have a release date yet. So, check back to THS for more updates.

Meanwhile, let us know what you think of the cast in the comments below.

Source: Deadline

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