Disney and Fox’s merger is now complete. And with that, the Fantastic Four and X-Men are going back home to Marvel Studios. That leads to questions, however. A big one? Who will play Wolverine now that Hugh Jackman is done with the character?

The last Fox-owned X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, is releasing next month. New Mutants is releasing next April. It is currently unknown when the Fantastic Four and X-Men will be starting to show up in the MCU.

This will be a hard act to follow. (Image: 20th Century Fox)

As we said, we know Hugh Jackman is done playing Wolverine. That means if the character lives on in the MCU, he is going to be recast with a different actor. A new Instagram picture, however, is giving us a look at one potential actor for the role of Wolverine.


Can Scott Eastwood Play Wolverine in the MCU?

Scott Eastwood is a young up and coming actor in Hollywood. He had a small role in DC’s Suicide Squad. He also appeared in the last installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. Not to mention the fact he is often fan-casted as Wolverine.

This Wolverine look is not like the classic look. Notwithstanding,it is a different look that could potentially work for the MCU Wolverine.

It is still unknown when or how the X-Men will start to be incorporated into the future MCU films. we know the schedule for the MCU’s Phase 4, but few other film details. Once Phase 4 gets announced, we should have a better idea as to how the newly acquired characters will play into future Marvel films.

Source: Heroic Hollywood