Time to grab your gear and your best weapons as Back 4 Blood is coming Xbox Game Pass on Day one! Announced during Xbox and Bethesda’s showcase during E3′, as Turtle Rock Studios are the same folks behind the iconic Left 4 Dead games. This will be a both an AI-horde and player-versus-player as players can control certain zombie foes against the survivors on the other team.

Left 4 Dead was a blast and held a lot of fun memories for the first two games. Even so with the crazy mods that PC players were able to come up back in the day. Now we can look ahead towards Back 4 Blood and will come out on October 8th. It’s worth noting and this “will not be a Microsoft exclusive”. Coming to select platforms on the PlayStation 4 and 5, along with the Xbox Game pass service on Windows PC, Cloud Gaming, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Which will you be picking on day one? The survivors or the specialty zombie infected? Leave it down in the comments section below!

So, what do you think of Back 4 Blood?

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Source: Turtle Rock Studios